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Mind control over the masses is every villain and dictator’s dream. Could this be achieved by technology that is already here? Mind control or psychotronic weapons are known to be developed by several companies and governments fro decades.

This has been one the favourite topics in science fiction. Nonetheless, it has been researched and taken seriously not only during the Cold War, but nowadays too. Secret agencies surely have worked on some interesting stuff, but it will be only a speculation to guess, what exactly do they wave in store.

Crowd control, at least for a moment, might not be far away from reality. This weaponry, though, must be used carefully, because instead of just fending off crowds during mass disorder it might easily go wrong and even lethal.

Types of mind control devices in development

As you might guess, the knowledge of this technology is classified by whichever government organization is researching it. Therefore, only logical and scientific assumptions could be made on what they have in their arsenal.

For the most part, such devices would send either electromagnetic or infrasound waves. The first type, that suggests using microwaves which could not only scramble your behaviour and thoughts, but also fry your brain, if the energy output is too big.

Real mind control could be achieved only, if scientists understand all aspects of the human brain, how it works and how could the brain waves be tampered with. For now, only disorientation is what can be caused. Or even worse – painful death.

Back in 2008 USA’s Sierra Nevada Corporation announced they have developed a prototype of  MEDUSA crowd control ray gun (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio). This gun’s projectiles are electromagnetic pulses (microwaves).

mind_control_frequencyThese pulses induce the target’s brain to receive repulsive sounds and voices into his or her brain. By sending those pulses the weapon drives the crowd away from the source. The problem with this design is the distance.

It is either ineffective over a certain far distance or terribly lethal and painful from close distance. This is where things go scary, because close to the gun the victim’s head would turn into microwave oven.

The person using the gun would have trouble using it as well, since there is not shielding or protection against that. Such weapon could only be unmanned for now.

Infrasonic application of this device, that is being researched by the Russians is somewhat less harmful, but it is a bit far away from the idea of real life mind control weapon. Infrasound is a sound that has a frequency lower than the sound we can hear.

Certain frequencies could cause irritation, disorder and discomfort when emitted at crowd. Quite like anti-dog or anti-mosquito sounds, but applied to humans.

Real mind control of the future

As we can see, what is known to the public is not that much impressive. The real deal psychic control weapon would need quite different design. You would have to have real control over his or her neural system, instead of just killing your target.

mind control barcode

Villains will have to wait until scientists have a better understanding of our brain waves and neural structure.Several breakthroughs have already made in neuroscience. You can read more about devices like the Brain remote controlScanadu Scout or the “Sixth Sense” Brain Implants.

These examples are only a small portion of the discoveries and inventions to come. Let’s hope that what the future has to offer us won’t be some mass zombification technology that would bring even more chaos, rather that dealing with disorder and providing security.

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