Playing God: Genetic Superhumans God: Genetic Superhumans

Engineering superhumans

Perfection, this is something humanity have always yearned for. No matter, if it is technological, social or political advancement, we have always desired to get better, go further, get smarter. Scientists are getting closer and closer to perfecting our genes to the ultimate goal for some of us – becoming superhumans.

Characters with supernatural abilities are one of the favourite themes of the movie industry. Obviously, most people would gladly embrace a set of genetic “gifts”, giving them extra strength, agility, intelligence and many more. We are living in an era where new discoveries in genetics are made literally every day. So the amount of knowledge we have gathered will soon make it possible to actually “improve” human beings.

geneGenes are every living creature’s blueprint. They contain the information of what we look like, how tall we are, how fast can we run, what deceases do we inherit. The days when we can engineer our bodies and our capabilities are not far away.

A hundred articles wouldn’t be enough to describe the various methods and discoveries from the recent years. Curing genetically inherited diseases were one of the first steps into further understanding how this part of the biology works. Curing other types of diseases, by genetically manipulating the body’s cells is the next step. After more and more discoveries every day, it is becoming, if not already possible ,that you can replicate organs and even entire human beings, which can be entirely “customizable” in the future.

Pretty much like programming or fixing a machine is performed. Tumors and all sorts of knows diseases can be totally cured and controlled. “Customizing” people’s bodies, so that they can become smarter, faster and stronger can very well lead to engineering the perfect superhuman and virtually change our species entirely.

In 1970 Adam Toffler suggested his prediction about the future of our race: “Today we are fast approaching the day when the body can  no longer be regarded as fixed. Man will be able, within a reasonable short period, to  redesign not merely individual bodies, but the entire human race.”

Another great sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov wrote, “The advance of genetic engineering makes it quite conceivable that we will begin to design our own evolutionary progress.”

Are we ready to play God?

Prometheus genetic superhuman in Prometheus

By exploring science and biology, we might be on the verge of totally ignoring the course of evolution and making our own. The big question is, what will that cause and are we ready to perfect our genetic code. Literature and movies suggest tons of versions in a future, where people got genetically perfected in natural and unnatural way.

Conflicts and discrimination between normal and genetically augmented humans could be seen described in numerous books, movies and games. Such as: Gattaca, X-men’s mutants, Eugenics Wars in Start Trek Universe, Star Craft’s ghosts, The Engineers from Prometheus and a whole lot of others. That being, said as a civilization we must consider, if we are ready to play God and how far should we go and what should be moral, so that we can avoid conflicts, predicted by Science Fiction.

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  1. 8th April 2014 | dray says: Reply
    no one can play god
  2. 8th April 2014 | dray says: Reply
    no were near playing god

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